Incredible Process

Incredible Process Equals Incredible Savings

See the Incredible Process at work that Jay and Sally James took advantage of to build "The James House." 


Case Study - The James House

Estimates: The James' quotes through traditional home builders was $185 per square foot. Actual costs using BGCH: $142 per square foot.

($185sf - $142sf = $43sf) times 4,504sf (total living square footage) =

Total Building Savings of $193,000

Cost Savings: The BGCH fee is generally 4-6% of the total cost of the project. Traditional custom home builders are typically cost plus 15-20%.

Cost Savings:Additionally, BGCH has massive purchasing power. We build 70+ homes per year. BGCH volume discounts are passed directly to our homeowners. The BGCH model also promotes competition. We receive and encourage multiple bids for each phase of construction. Whereas a typical custom home builder will have a single vendor/contractor they continually use for each phase of every project.

Equity: The Bank further validated the James’ efforts with a final appraisal that yielded $259,000 in earned equity!! We are extremely proud of our homeowner’s achievements. 

Day 1 Equity: $259,000

Control: BGCH homeowners have tremendous flexibility and control. There are no limitations or restrictions. Our homeowners can use our vetted contractors, contractors and vendors from outside our network and even perform work themselves.

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