Owner Builder Custom Homes 

The Owner Built Custom Homes Process has proven successful for hundreds of clients. Our clients save hundreds of thousands using our owner builder program, you can too! Read on to hear from some of our satisfied customers, or watch our video testimonials.


BGCH was an AMAZING way to build the home that we have been dreaming of for the last 13 years! Our consultant, Bryson Janecek, was there for us every step of the way to help make our home perfect. With the program we where able to have control over our home, but at the same time have the Built Green team there for us whenever we needed assistance. We recommend BGCH to our family and friends. If we build again no doubt Built Green will be right there with us!

-Catherine Jeffrey

As a room designer working with Owner Built clients, my job is always exciting. Each client brings to the table a new and different floor plan, never the same plan twice. Owner Built Custom Homes clients have an idea and it's my job to put that idea into their home, making each home I work on a one of a kind experience.

-Denise Johnson

We recently completed our custom home with Built Green Custom Homes and we had a great experience! Building with BCGH allowed us to pack everything we wanted and more into our home. We could not have built our dream home without the amazing BGCH team, especially our consultant Bryson Janacek. From start to finish (and afterwards), Bryson answered all of our questions and gave us the guidance and tools needed to successfully build our home. We would use BGCH again in a heartbeat!

-Amanda Castro

I want to thank everyone that works here that always help me with the best attitude since the first day I walked in till the last day. Had fun working with Built Green people that walked me the best way to build my house. Thanks

-Carlos Machado

Awesome experience ! The entire team at BGCH has been a pleasure to work with, especially Lynn Venn. They are knowledgeable about all the details and most importantly they know their subcontractors who do a great job and incredible pricing. If something does goes wrong, they are there to help you every step of the process - thanks Charlie and Lynn !

-Larry Atherton

When entering into the contract with BGCH I was able to reduce costs by opting out of some supervision without hesitation from BGCH. The financial support staff was great and patient. The classes were good and informative. I has some bad luck with some contractors referred by BGCH. Overall a good experience.


Worked with some great trades people , shout out to the late Abagail Lineres😎


We are early in the process, but so far it has been an outstanding experience. Our consultant, Bryson, is very knowledgeable and inspires confidence. Our designer, Tim Ellis, is talented and a pleasure to work with. He has brought our dreams to reality in a great plan. We look forward to completing our new home and saving plenty in the process.

-Cory Engel

I have been a customer of BGCH for about 18 months now. We are about halfway through our building project (big complicated project). The service and expertise are excellent. Each step of the way the staff and consultants have assisted me in all the ways promised. When I needed my hand held, they held it. When I needed them to get me back on track they did it. When I was unsure if I was looking at an issue correctly, they gave good counsel. Most of my experience has been with Bryson. Bryson is knowledgeable and very quick to respond to emails, text messages and phone calls. What I mean by that is most of the time he responds within a few minutes, even after hours and on weekends. I strongly recommend Built Green Custom Homes to any person who wants to take on the adventure and challenge of building their own home and acting as the general contractor!

-William Fuller

Even with zero building/contracting/real estate experience I never felt overwhelmed by the process and the project. Problems arose, but the folks at OBCH are dedicated to protecting their clients and helping them realize a successful final product. We've recommended them to anyone interested custom homes.

-Joshua Eimerbrink

My wife and I have never built a new home before so all of this was new to us. I'm not a building contractor but thought I new a "little" about construction. Turns out I knew nothing about construction. The classes offered by OBCH were extremely helpful. By the time we began construction on our home we had broadened our knowledge tremendously. With the constant guidance of our Consultant and choosing competent contractors, everything went off as planned. There were a few hiccups along the way but anytime a problem arose, our Consultant was there to resolve it. As with any first time project there are probably a couple of things we would have done differently. The one thing I wouldn't change though would be working through OBCH. They are awesome! We have also had friends go through them with great results. I would recommend them to anyone.

-Archie Hayes

This is the 2nd home we will have built using Built Green Custom Homes. They are very helpful when providing guidelines for building a cost effective and an energy efficient home. They're expertise helps avoid some of the pitfalls involved with planning and building a home. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of building a home whether it is their first home or not.

-Jo Ann Cole

We are very happy to be part of the Built Green family. As the owner builder we make all the decision and set the budget for each phase of construction. Our Built Green construction adviser is Chuck and he is always ready to jump in and help with any problems. The Built Green process is complete and covers everything from A to Z. They make building your own house so easy and you save so much money that you can have a lot of extras that you would not get hiring a custom home builder. So if you want to build your own house check out Built Green and see how their complete process will take you from buying the land to moving you into your new house. Every time we walk into our house we can't believe it is our home. THANK'S BUILT GREEN.


For 10+ years, we had been dreaming about our modern home. Today, we live in that dream home. 
Building a custom home will always run into issues, regardless of the builder. This was no different. The big difference with Built Green Custom Homes is that instead of paying 30% of our building budget to a builder, we put most of that money to prime upgrades we didn’t think possible. The result: a virtually perfect modern house for our taste. If you are willing/able to co-manage with your builder (which most likely you’ll do anyway), BGCH is pretty hard to beat.

-Zuzana Leckova

They helped me build my dream home. My consultant was aces.

-Bruce Rook

I loved working with BGCH. If/When I build again, I will go this route. I really liked being involved in every step to ensure we got the house we wanted. I believe most people can do this; however, it is essential to be organized. I highly recommend documenting everything with your vendors and get everything in writing.

-Dannialle Clayton

We recently completed our home project working with Built Green Custom Homes. The program works, plain and simple. The significant majority of the contractors are great to work with, very flexible, and want to deliver a top quality product. We did have problems with a few, but were able to work to a common understanding or replace the contractor in one situation. The construction estimates $ (with contingency) were great and our total cost was within the estimate amount. The program does take a lot of your time, checking on progress, clarifying expectations with contractors, making selections, verifying work, etc... Be prepared to dedicate a lot of time during the process. I would (and have) recommend the program to other friends and co-workers. Good experience working with the great people over at the BGCH office!


As a Residential Architectural Designer and after years of searching for the best way to build my own design, finally I found Built Green Custom Homes a business that can accomplish all the aspects that makes the whole process a great experience.
They have the right team to work with, with a budget that will reach all the construction expectations my wife and I wished for.

-Jorge Garcia

Outstanding company! Looking to build a SUPERIOR QUALITY CUSTOM HOME at an AFFORDABLE PRICE? If yes, Built Green Custom Homes (BGCH) is without doubt your best choice! We started our custom home project with a large, very reputable turnkey builder, but walked away leaving $5000 in earnest monies behind after the costs to CUSTOMIZE rapidly escalated well beyond what we were willing to pay. We restarted our project with BGCH. We built a beautiful home with many more upgrades than we originally planned at a cost well within our budget. The same home would have easily cost us $250,000 to $300,000 more to build with a turnkey builder. The appraised replacement cost assessed by our insurance company was over $400,000 more than our cost to build. The phrase owner built custom home may scare some away, but with professional BGCH representatives walking you through the entire process a more appropriate phrase is owner controlled custom built home. The owner’s primary job, with the constant advice/assistance of a personal BGCH consultant, is to make all the decisions and coordinate the build schedule. Our consultant, Mr. Bryson Janecek, was superb. He was always available to provide well reasoned recommendations and support. He knew, without us asking, when to check-up on the critical phases of the build process to ensure everything was going well. You can take comfort in knowing you have an entire staff of pro-active BGCH professionals keeping a watchful eye on your project. The BGCH President, Mr. Charlie Watts, is a natural hands-on leader with extensive knowledge/experience in home construction and business management. Charlie, the BGCH personal consultants, home design architects, and the entire administrative staff are absolutely terrific. They are knowledgeable, very personable and pleasurable to work with. When you build with BGCH, you truly become a member of the BGCH extended family. Bottom line: if you are considering building a custom home schedule an introductory appointment with Mr. Watts before moving forward…..YOU CAN BUILD A QUALITY CUSTOM HOME AND SAVE BIG BUCKS!

-Paul Coutee

Built Green Custom Homes helped us build our dream home in the most cost effective yet quality way possible. From choosing reputable contractors to assisting in the building process, they were there every step of the way to guide us in the right direction. President, Charlie Watts, was so friendly and genuinely cared that we were getting exactly what we wanted. If there was a snag in the schedule our consultant was there to help without hesitation. We are so pleased with our new home and so glad we chose Built Green Custom Homes!

-Sara Parkinson

Great Job Built Green Custon Homes !!!!
From the very beginning Charlie and his team was very professional and generous with their time and their knowledge. My first visit to the Built Green Custom Homes Office it was on a Saturday morning to meet with Charlie for one hour to understand the program, three hours later and a wonderful meeting I was sold. This was the program for me and these were the people I wanted to partner with to build our dream home. Price and schedule was very important to me and after a few meeting we worked out the budget and time line and then we were off and running. With their help all the way we built our dream home on budget and on time. This was no easy task for me and the Built Green team due to so many extra that my wife and I added along the way !!! During the first phase of the project while forming the slab Bryson ( construction coordinator) and I spent many hours measuring and re-measuring the form work to make sure we got it right. This house was being built as a handicap friendly home with all sloped concrete to exterior doors for easy access. This was important to me and my wife and also very important to the built green team to get it right and Charlie would have it no other way then to come out personalty and make sure the concrete pour was done correctly. I have many stories that I can share that are similar with the outcome being the same; Bryson, Charlie, Kelly and the whole team was there for me with their professional knowledge, willing to help attitude, always had a solutions, or what ever this project needed. My relationship I built with the Built Green Custom Homes family was truly a great experience for me personally and consider them as part of our extended family.
Thank you all at Built Green Custom Homes for your support and help and most of all my friends
Don & Jeanne

-Don & Jeanne

Having never been a owner/builder of a home I was concerned about several aspects of the project and process however everything from the initial budget to the selection of contractors to helping all the way through completing the project was taken into account in the Built Green Process. Their process was very simple to follow and we were very happy with the contractors they vetted out. The end result was a magnificent home that we could not have completed with out them. I would recommend this team to anyone interested in this type of build.

-J Goza

I just completed my third house with the help of all the folks at Built Green Custom Homes. I am not a home builder nor do I want to be one and that is one of the main reasons I chose to rely on this group. They have been involved with hundreds of homes and they know where the pit falls of building a home are and keep you from falling in. I felt safe having them to turn to for advice and information. Would I use them again ? Yes I would.


I built my house through Built Green's Level 4 process. Probably could have used more help from my supervisor. Please, don't take this in the wrong way, he was a great help before, during and most of all, after the house was completed but I thought some of the detail was missing. I would recommend him for anyone's project.

The classes that Built Green provided were very informative. I would have liked to have seen more in depth details on the house building process. This should be a class separate from the regular classes and only for those who have signed to actually build through Built Green.

I pretty much utilized Built Green listed vendors. My dirt man was wonderful as well as my electrician, dry wall folks, and painter. My brick layer had over committed loaded his schedule and my plumber was hard to get in touch with. I purchased lumber for the project through BMC and Del was super.

Over all, a great experience. I will say that Builder's Priority was a pleasure to do business with.


The Built Green Custom Home process is outstanding. The consultants walk you through the process starting with the free building classes, design, build, and follow-up long after the home is complete. The owner is extremely knowledgeable about the building process and is a very friendly individual. We finished our project over a year ago and the owner still takes my calls with the same enthusiasm that he displayed the day we met. If you want to save money and be involved in the building process, Built Green Custom Homes is for you.

-John Flood

Built Green Custom Homes is dependable and delivers a quality product. My husband and I were general contractors on a custom home project with Built Green. The staff is caring, capable and very professional in their perspective area of expertise. I recommend this company for your custom construction projects.


Built Green Custom Homes was very professional in conducting business with me. My house is small compared to some of the custom homes they were building in Houston and surrounding area. YET! Built Green NEVER treated me with any less importance, than as someone who was building a house about 2 1/2 times bigger than mine and Built Green could make more money on the larger house.
The Home office Staff and my consultant were always there answering my thousand questions, concerns, requests and gave me advice all thru the building process, they were always just an email, or a phone call away.
Built Green provides far more consumer educational classes than any other homebuilder.
They will help you get your custom home built the way you want it, even if it isn't something they already have plans on. You as the consumer can and have control of designing, building, and buying Your Custom home with minimum additional costs like other home builders charge when you change THEIR PLANS.
Built Green gave a more detailed professional estimate on building costs for my home. rather than just an email saying I can build my house $ per square foot.
The one thing that I will say against Built Green is that one of their contractors did not conduct them self very professionally and I was disappointed with the little things that were left undone.
With the many contractors you will have working on your home having one to disappoint you isn't bad.
I will gladly recommend Built Green to anyone to build THEIR OWN Custom Home any time.
Raymond Cook

-Raymond Cook

I have been working with Built Custom Homes for over a decade now. They are by far the best Custom Home Builder I've had the pleasure of working with. Everyone there cares deeply for their clients, as well as the contractors. You feel at ease and right at home as soon as you enter their door. Over the years, I have referred several people, including family members, friends, and others just looking for a great builder to help them build their dream home. All of them have told me how professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly the owner and all of the consultants and staff are, and what a great experience it was, from the design phase, all the way thought the entire construction process. They are all so happy with their beautiful custom homes that they built through Built Green Custom Homes. I am proud to have the opportunity to work as a contractor for such a great company. Keep up the great work!

-Gary Parr

I truly enjoyed working with them, the construction classes are great and teach you a lot in a simple way. I will recommend this company to anybody that is thinking about building a house they are truly professional, friendly and knowledgeable.


The owner is extremely friendly and very knowledgable about the building process. He takes time to get to know all of his clients whether he is directly working with them or not. The entire team of consultants are also knowlegable and are easy to get in contact.

My husband and I were very skeptical of the "build it yourself" process, but the make it extremely easy. Everything is very organized and well thought out making the process almost effortless. The organization of the process is great but the staff further compliments package.

If ever we decided to build another home, this would be the only way I would to do it!


I like that they get three bids for all the different phase of building a house.
They give you access to the vendors list.
They are there if you need them. Just a phone call away.
Putting together a detailed budget.
Paper work. Forms, contracts and lien release are all very important to have the contractors or venders to sign off on for legal purpose.
Lots of fun and fulfillment .


What an adventure! Building a custom home is an incredible experience especially with a builder like Built Green. The project is yours and as such, you have great creative license in what you want to do. From building classes to home tours, and one-on-one interviews with vetted vendors, Built Green has got you covered on the essentials. You choose who you want to work with on your project and if issues arise, as they do, there is always help from the BGCH office. You are never alone and that makes all the difference in building a truly custom home. There is no doubt that we saved money through this program, and that we have a very well built home with unique features. Do we recommend Built Green and would we consider building with them again in the future - you bet!


We built a new custom home with the assistance of BGCH, and it was a great and successful experience! We acted as our own general contractor, leaning heavily on BGCH for initial planning, development of construction documents, estimates and identification of qualified contractors. The BGCH support was excellent and efficient. Our new home is an approximately 3400 square feet, two story structure using insulated concrete form construction for the primary structure. BGCH identified highly qualified contractors, and thus provided greater assurance that the contractors would perform. Although there were some issues (none the fault or responsibility of BGCH), as can be expected for this type of effort, BGCH was responsive and helpful in resolving them. I would highly recommend BGCH for anyone considering construction of a new home.


We had never built a home before, but Built Green made us feel like pros. The free classes helped educate & prepare us for each phase of the process, & the BGCH family coached & encouraged us through our build.
Upon completion of our plans, we had a custom home builder bid our job, out of curiosity, to see how much we could save through BGCH. We were shocked when we finished at $65./sq ft less than the custom home builder quote. As with any build, working with contractors can sometimes be 'interesting', but we were blessed with mostly awesome ones, & were incredibly impressed how BGCH was always willing to 'go to bat' for us.
We are ecstatic with how our house turned out, & if we ever wanted to build again, we would definitely work with BGCH again.


BGCH did all that was advertised. We built our custom home in the Texas country north of Brenham. I attended all the information classes and interacted with my assigned consultant on a regular basis.

As I went through the process, BGCH was the absolute backstop we needed to obtain the construction loan and to deal with a few problem subcontractors.

The BGCH vetted "vendor List" was a big help, as most of the subs were really outstanding. We had problems with only two, which were handled well with the "stroke" from BGCH staff.

All in all, well worth the monies paid to BGCH for peace of mind and knowledge to build a custom home.

It is a LOT of WORK keeping up with everything and coordinating properly. This was stated up front and proved true. I would recommend them to anyone with the desire and dedication necessary to build a house of their dreams.


I am a supplier that works with many builders in the Houston Metro
I am extremely confident in recommending this program to anyone contemplating building their home. The process is extremely detailed and has been refined over the years to make the project exceed the clients' expectations. If you follow the program the program will work for you. I have recommeded clients to this company and they have gone through with it and built their own house with BGCH and would recommend anyone to them.


My husband and I were well trained to build our own house with efficient materials and cost-effective ideas. We love our home and the mentoring we received!


I became acquainted with Built Green Custom Homes by going through its educational process and constructing not only my personal home, but the home of my sister. Throughout the entire process, I was very pleased with the entire staff at Built Green. They were there at all times from planning, through budget, construction and follow up. On occasion, I needed their expert guidance and expertise in dealing with vendors, sub contractors, deliveries, etc. Not once were they not able to provide an alternative solution to unexpected delays.
I became acquainted with the company through a close personal friend who also built her home using the knowledge and expertise offered by Built Green. I have no hesitation in recommending, and have done so on many occasions, the services offered by this fine firm.


Building a home is a daunting task to say the least and when you are inexperienced it seems even more scary. However, with the support of the Built Green professionals we were able to successfully build our "dream home". Their motto "Your Dream - Our Passion" is very true. My husband and I were complete novices about the building process. We had built a couple of homes in the past but that involved watching from afar as the house was built. Thank goodness we had the support of Built Green. It seems that everyone involved in the project was invested in our success. We had a very positive experience. The vendors we chose were all professional and helpful. They listened to our questions and answered honestly and in some cases even offered suggestions when asked. Of course there were bumps in the road, but we were able to move past them with the support of our Built Green Consultant. We can truthfully say the whole company supports and encourages the homeowner from start to finish. Be prepared to work hard and to learn a lot but in the end to feel a huge sense of accomplishment and pride in what you were able to do.


The Built Green Custom Homes staff provided excellent guidance and expertise during our home building process. Their list of qualified contractors was invaluable to me during the entire construction time line. The consultants and staff were knowledgeable and available to provide supervision and solutions to our questions and issues.


I couldn't have been happier with the experience from start to finish...Charlie and Bryson were especially helpful through the build process and the support staff was exceptional in answering questions and helping to get signatures, permits, approvals, etc.


We hired Built Green Custom Homes to provide a list of potential subcontractors to build our new home in Richmond. We contracted for the minimal package, and they still provided us any help we requested (we kept our requests within our package framework). They sent out bid packages to a list subcontractors who they had previously vetted. They then received the bides, which they sent to us. Once we received the bides, they reviewed them with us and answered any questions we had, including who they would recommend for this particular portion of the build. They were very knowledgeable in the entire building process and were very patient and helpful with our questions. WE could always trust them to give us good, sound, honest advice.


A fantastic company with great people helping create a dream home that you'll love! From the front office folks to the designers and consultants they all have your needs in mind. Charlie has built a company that many try to duplicate, but is impossible to do!

This is the second house we have built with these folks and it been an even more positive process the second time! We can't wait to see our next dream house in the months ahead!


We started going to the Built Green Custom Home Clinics that they offered for free on Saturdays. We had no idea what the process was building your own home. Once we decided to build, we did not miss any of the classes. The classes gave us a chance to ask a lot of questions and talk each vender. It also gave us a chance to meet the personal at BGCH. The classes really helped us build our home.

Charlie and our consultant that we picked were awesome. The knowledge, experience and ability to help us with our budget and staying on budget were outstanding. They walked us through the whole process. We knew what we wanted but did not know how to put it all together. All of the staff were there for us through the 15 months, while we built our dream home. Each time we had questions we knew we could call one for them and they would get us the answers. The venders list they provide for us gave us a several options and if we ever had any problems with any of them, BGCH was there to help. We could not have built our home without BGCH. . The meetings we had and the people we meet to help us build this house is a constant reminder why we want to eventually build another home. We would not build another home without BGCH.


Built Green Custom Homes helped me build my beach house near Port Bolivar, TX. It was a great experience and would enjoy doing it again.


Our family used Built Green Custom Homes to build our dream custom home. We interviewed multiple custom home builders in the local area and BGCH. We attended seminars put on by BGCH, visited open houses put on by clients, and got to know the staff. Our confidence grew each and every week and looking back on the entire building process realized it was the best decision we made. I highly recommend BGCH and would build with them again without hesitation.


I, Gary Mitchell, am providing this review because of the excellent service and professionalism that was provided by Built Green Custom Homes in the construction of my new home. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, they were very courteous and met every obligation as promised. They were always available and very responsive to any issue that arose during the construction process. In short, I would definitely recommend BGCH because I believe that they will continue to provide excellent service to their clients.

-Gary Mitchell

We are working with Built Green Custom Homes to build our home in Houston, Texas. We came to Built Green with plans from an architect but BGCH took our plans, made suggested changes, and have worked with us through the entire project. Their budgeting process is very detailed, and it has really helped my husband manage the expenses perfectly! Their recommended contractors have all been very good, and most of them we would use again. Our BGCH consultant is available whenever we need to answer questions, provide excellent guidance, and help push our contractors when appropriate. The process with BGCH has worked so well, my husband is ready to start on house #2 as soon as we finish this one!


We are actually having a good time being our own builder. When any problems come up the sub contractors are very easy to work with to resolve the issue. They know that we are not seasoned pros. The advice and guidance we get from our consultant (Bryson in our case,,,,highly recommended) has been spot on. I can't say that we have had any real problems. I can say that we are building a way better custom home than we would have been able to afford with a custom builder. I would do it again.


I really like the Built Green Custom Home process and their knowledge of building custom homes. Charlie, Bryson, Kelly, and their entire staff are great to work with and I will be building my own personal home with them very soon.

-Pro Houston Granite And Flooring Llc

Great opportunity for homeowner builders to maximize their dollars spent towards owning the home of their dreams. The total dollars per sq ft is astounding for the quality with the upgrades. Built Green Custom Homes is by far the best in houston. They have a list of very reputable contractors that you negotiate the prices with.

-Pro Natural Flooring

This company and their consultants are very helpful and friendly. They run a professional company and treat customers with great respect. The homes are beautiful. I would highly recommend this company!


I built a house in the Heights neighborhood of Houston using BGCH as my builder/consultant and I am really happy with their process and the finished project. While managing a construction project was very stressful at times, BGCH was there every step of the way to lend their expertise. The end result is a house that I can be proud of with everything exactly how my wife and I wanted for a VERY good price compared to buying an existing home or hiring a full service builder. We wound up with around $350,000 in equity at the end of the project. Very pleased!

-Osuav8r - Client

My review is only a 4 because we are still at the early stage of our project. I will review again at the end of our project. We are building a custom home and so far Built Green is everything we need. Our consultant (Chuck) and Designer (Jorge) are perfect fits for us and very professional yet personable.

-Robin Hawkins

Built Green Custom Homes is a great firm to work with, their customer service is top notch and without equal in the custom home field.


We were so impressed with their experience, flexibility, and integrity that we have recommended our friends to their program.

-Jack And Sandy Anderson, Tomball, Tx

Being an engineer, I especially liked the fact that the program allowed me to be in total control of the decision making process.  As one example of their knowledge and expertise, their recommendation on the foundation design alone saved me over $30,000.

-David And Laura Totten, Spring, Tx

My wife and I thought it would be impossible to build our own home, but we decided to visit with OBCH anyway.  Are we glad we did!  They guided us throughout the entire process and we saved a ton of money.  We highly recommend building your own home with OBCH.

-Paul And Karen Waughtal, Houston, Tx

The thought of building our own home was intimidating to say the least.  We were amazed by their professionalism and knowledge.  The fact that they are also custom home builders was what convinced us to go forward.  We are now in our beautiful new home, saved over $80,000 and could still afford Viking appliances, all granite counter tops, real wood floors and an incredible outdoor kitchen.

-Al And Rene Cooper, Houston, Tx

We had a very limited budget and could not afford to make any mistakes.  We could not believe how accurate their cost estimate turned out to be.  There is no way we could have afforded the house we now have without the help of OBCH.  We built an all brick one story home and saved Thousands!

-James And Lisa Lowery, The Woodlands, Tx

We were so pleased with our experience at OBCH, that we referred our daughter and son-in-law to build their home with OBCH.

-Brian And Jan Joplin, Magnolia, Tx

Chris and I found OBCH while looking for a competitor who just happened to be closed the day we were looking. I truly believe that fate was looking out for us. Meeting OBCH was the beginning of an experience that my wife and I have found to be one of our most rewarding.  Fear of the unknown was our biggest obstacle and OBCH helped us tackle those fears and move past them.   Charlie has created, with OBCH, a partnership with his clients that has a strong can do attitude and air of success.  The experience and knowledge of the OBCH staff and their accessibility helps to make OBCH and their clients highly successful.  My wife and I are very happy with the results that we achieved and have on several occasions advised friends and acquaintances of the potential savings they could achieve by using OBCH.  Before going to OBCH my wife and I had began a contract with the David Weekly "Build on Your Own Lot" program.  We had chosen everything and were close to breaking ground when I decided to look at the numbers and calculated that we would be mortgaging too much for our home.  I couldn't see any savings in their program, so my wife and I decided to back out and look elsewhere.  OBCH was definitely what we were looking for!   Our custom home, including all our upgrades, was built through OBCH and saved us $150,000!!!  My wife and I consider the OBCH system a fantastic and successful process and the numbers support that opinion.  I now consider Charlie, and Dennis, not just business acquaintances but personal friends. They helped my wife and I build our dream home and for that we are infinitely grateful.

Thank you OBCH and good luck future home builders!

-Grant & Criselda Wilson, Houston, Tx

We would like to express our appreciation to Ben Allison from Builders Priority mortgage.  We found Mr. Allison to be knowledgeable and professional in handling the details of our lot purchase.  He was a pleasure to work with, and we would certainly highly recommend him in the future.

As with many of the staff at Built Green Custom Homes, we continue to be impressed with their professionalism and courteous behavior which seems all too rare in this business today.  We look forward to continuing our building relationship as we prepare to design our home.

Again, we would like to thank Mr. Ben Allison for his assistance in helping us complete the first step in building our dream home.

-Ee, D.O., Houston, Tx

Just to give you a success story.  I cleared City of Houston Final Inspection and had the house appraised.  It appraised at $730K.We bought the lot for $90K and built the house for $406K (which includes your fees) for a total note of $476K (we kicked in $20K cash).  This was essentially a zero down deal that built impressive equity.  We could have done it much cheaper, but we went with lots of upgrades from our original budget.  When considering the cost of original installation of options verses the cost to retrofit later, we nearly always opted to upgrade now.  In my opinion, the list of upgrades are impressive.  We probably don't fit the typical profile of your clients, but your program worked for us none the less.

Thanks for your passion about helping clients build homes that represent exceptional value and quality.  I sincerely believe that there is not another program that can beat the combination of value and quality that a home built under the OBCH program has to offer.

-Attorney At Law, Houston, Tx