Why Choose Owner Built Custom Homes?

Owner Builder Custom Homes

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Program Cost

The price of our program compared to our competitors is 40% less.

Finding the time

This is by far the most common problem addressed by someone considering building their own home. OBCH has developed and tailored its' programs to match not only the time you have available, but also your level of building experience. You can and will be successful in building your own home. See what some of our customers have to say about their building experiences.

Finding a bank that will provide the owner builder with construction financing

Finding a bank for an owner builder construction loan can be difficult. Owner Built Custom Homes' reputation for quality contractors, our nine point inspection process and our budgeting accuracy enables our clients to readily obtain construction loan financing through our banking relationships.

We offer the most cost effective construction financing in the industry:

  • Great Interest Rates
  • One Time Close

Finding qualified contractors and suppliers

As custom home builders, we know what it takes to build a quality home. We spend hours interviewing and checking the references of our recommended suppliers and subcontractors to assure that you receive quality materials and workmanship at the lowest possible price. We do not charge fees to participate in our approved vendor/supplier list, which allows us to be objective in our recommendations. Contact us for more information.

Our Mission Statement

Help our clients use our process to succeed at building their own home.
 Our standards for success are achieved when:

  1. Building your own home has been a positive experience.
  2. The quality of materials and workmanship by the suppliers and contractors surpasses your expectations.
  3. The final appraised value of your finished home substantially exceeds the actual cost.
  4. We address the four most common issues in building your own home.

*offers are subject to change without notice - 2018